What Our Franchisees Say

The Hallmark Homecare model checks the boxes that we were looking for with our first foray into franchising -- a simple, straightforward business model that we can quickly ramp up; a very attractive industry with a large and continuously growing demand; a strong value proposition that disrupts a traditional market; and most importantly, a business that allows us to do meaningful work and positively impact someone’s life.

Chris & Weng, Franchisees

We had been looking into franchise businesses for some time but after personally working to provide care for our parents over this last year we determined that getting involved in Home HealthCare was something extremely important to us. In our research we were fortunate to find Hallmark Homecare. They provided the perfect business model. Our decision to become franchisees of Hallmark was based on the numerous conversations we participated in with the management team and the fact that they are partners with us and provide the roadmap for building a successful business

Marshall & Randi, Franchisees

We feel good about being owners of a business that revolves around making a real, impactful difference in the lives of the people we serve. We feel honored to help seniors stay safe and comfortable in their own homes, and at the same time we are helping the professional caregivers who come to us for placement, find passion and greater satisfaction in their own careers. When the caregivers are happy that shows up in their quality of care to others. For our clients, the Hallmark model not only offers them affordability, but also greater control, consistency of care, and increased peace of mind and trust in the caregiver providing services to their loved ones.!

Melissa & Josh, Franchisees

The owner Steve and his entire team are very friendly and helpful. There's no franchise competitor to this model in the entire country yet. The team was very transparent with their processes like validation and leadership calls. As franchisees, we strive to provide better care to seniors without compromising on caregivers' happiness. 

Hrishi, Franchisee

I think what stands out the most is how quickly we felt like we were joining a family that was committed to our success. We had multiple meetings with Hallmark franchisees as well as the Hallmark executive team, and every meeting we had reconfirmed the fact that we were joining the right team. In the very first meeting we had with the CEO, Steve Everhart, it was apparent that he wasn’t doing this for the money, but that he truly cared about Hallmark's mission and the success of his team. He has built an amazing leadership team to support his vision and help make Hallmark an industry leader in Homecare.

Jason & Alison, Franchisees

We recommend Hallmark Homecare because its offering is a distinct departure from traditional homecare models. The agency's unique approach enables clients to secure better care, exercise greater control, and save money, while caregivers enjoy better compensation and work arrangements. The Hallmark franchise provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others while earning substantial profits. The low investment model has a fast ramp up, scalability, and long-term revenue potential. Hallmark Homecare sets itself apart as a groundbreaking homecare provider, offering an innovative and unparalleled service that defies the status quo.

Justin & Maria, Franchisees