History Of Hallmark Homecare

The Hallmark Homecare executives are seasoned veterans of The Senior’s Choice, the largest and most recognized network of senior care providers in the industry. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Incline Village, NV, The Senior’s Choice has trained and supported countless individuals to establish nearly 700 agencies in their own successful senior care markets worldwide.

Armed by over 20 years of experience in the field, we have developed Hallmark Homecare as a brand new pioneering model of senior care — one that blends the very best elements from the industry’s two existing models.

Accolades & Affiliations

Want to know what level of training you can expect from us? In a recent benchmark survey conducted by “Home Care Pulse”, a third-party private duty home care survey company, senior care business owners trained by our team are consistently among the top performers in the nation when it comes to client satisfaction scores.

In fact, Aaron J. Marcum, President and Founder of “Home Care Pulse,” declared that on average, senior care entrepreneurs trained by our team “score at or above ‘Best of Home Care’ in all 13 categories. None of the other groups we rate as a whole are ‘Best of home Care’ in all categories within client satisfaction…an impressive stat!”


Recommendation for Hallmark's Executive Team

Recommendation for Hallmark's Executive Team

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