Why Families Choose Hallmark

Hallmark Homecare caters to clients who prefer to “directly hire” their caregivers (rather than work through a traditional homecare agency). This “client-directed” model of care is becoming increasingly necessary due to the escalating costs of in-home care. But hiring independently can be time-consuming and potentially risky for families without having knowledge of the safeguards needed.

Hallmark Homecare’s expert Client Liaisons conduct a client or family interview to get to know their situation and create a comprehensive Ideal Caregiver Profile. Then, the Liaisons thoroughly vet professional independent Caregivers by verifying their certification credentials, conducting professional and personal reference checks and performing criminal background checks. Our Liaisons identify the client's best matches and introduces families to those Caregivers. The family selects the Caregiver(s) they'd like to work with.

Hallmark Homecare offers notable benefits over other options such as:

Cost Savings — Savings by going direct to the Caregiver (cut out the traditional agency “middle man” and their overhead costs)

Quality, Personalized Care — Clients have greater control and improved continuity of Caregivers

Higher Caregiver Wages — With their savings, Clients can pay Caregivers a 30% higher wage, giving them access to “cream of the crop” Caregivers and improves retention


Client Testimonials

We found Hallmark online and had no idea what we’d stumbled upon. We figured it was a standard homecare company but quickly learned this was not the case. They took time to interview me about my dad’s situation and matched us with professional caregivers that met our needs. My dad had previously had homecare but kept firing them because there were new caregivers each day and he didn’t like that. We selected a caregiver that Hallmark introduced us to and crossed our fingers. That caregiver, Sarah, had heard that my dad liked to snack on fruit. For her first visit, Sarah brought fresh fruit from the farmer’s market. This impressed my dad and made him happy. He made a connection with her that first day because of it, and he enjoys seeing her face at visits. We are so grateful to have found Sarah, and we couldn’t have done this without Hallmark Homecare!

Marian B

I am grateful to have found Hallmark Homecare. Without their help, we wouldn’t have met our private caregiver, Liza. My mom loves her and is happy that she is able to remain living at home at an affordable price. We recommend their services to many of our friends and family members.

Jim B.

caregiver testimonial
client testimonial

Caregiver Testimonials

As a caregiver, I’ve been to a lot of homes and cared for many people over the years. Hallmark got to know me, my background and skills and introduced me to a client who lives near my home. We hit it off and I’ve been working with him for several months on a regular schedule. I get paid more than I used to at my old jobs, and I’m very close to Jim and his family. This is a great option for caregivers who prefer a deeper connection with their clients.

Tom R

One of my friends met their client through Hallmark, so I reached out to see if they could match me with a family too. They ended up introducing me to the sweetest client I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She isn’t able to stay at home without help, and I enjoy being the person that helps her stay safe. Her family members are involved and often tell me how much peace of mind I’m bringing them. (She also has a dog, and I’m a big dog lover.)  I hope I can continue working with her for a long time.

Kimberly J