How We’re Different

Hallmark Homecare caters to the home care client segment that prefers to “directly hire” their caregivers (rather than working through an agency). This latter “client directed” model of care is becoming increasingly necessary for many due to the escalating cost of in-home care, but it also opens the client up to great risk, both legal and tax related. Hallmark Homecare is an innovative new legal model of homecare that offers such notable benefits as:

Lower cost (30% or more in savings)

Legal compliance

Fills void in the market not currently being served

Continuity of care

Client empowerment

Stronger client/caregiver bond

Higher caregiver compensation (CLICK HERE to read a recent Wall Street Journal article highlighting this advantage)

Respects our commitment to the Rights of Clients for affordable, honest and trustworthy care

90-Day Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction

This is the Hallmark Homecare “Value Proposition.” While we are big supporters of in-home care agencies and caregiving services of all kinds, our years of experience in the field have revealed that many potential clients prefer instead to directly hire independent caregivers for a host of reasons, including significant savings. And so, we created Hallmark Homecare, a ground-breaking new legal model of homecare that provides considerable benefits over both the traditional agency-directed model of homecare and independent registries.